Docs as Code: Publishing Processes for API Experiences

When you treat docs like code, you multiply everyone’s efforts and streamline processes through collaboration, automation, and plain old hard work. To create a cohesive API experience, developers, technical marketing engineers, technical writers, and product managers can collaborate on GitHub to produce web pages and API documentation, including interactive API docs and tutorials.

The ways you can leverage developer processes and tools in a docs-as-code system vary widely. Let's walk through some examples: tools, version control, publishing workflows, approvals, source formats, checklists, automated testing, and final approval.

Also, let's take some time to share some of the pitfalls and difficulties possible when you work on API and tools documentation for an extensive and varied product catalog with more than a thousand contributors.



Anne Gentle
Anne Gentle leads developer experience at Cisco, helping to define and grow strategic developer relations programs. Anne is the author of the book Docs Like Code, which provides practical guidance for docs-as-code workflows using GitHub, automation, and improved processes to foster collaboration between developers and writers. Working through Cisco’s Social Justice Actions office, Anne advocates for removing biased language in code and content. She proudly serves on the Austin Community College Workforce Advisory Committee, helping educational institutions better prepare students for opportunities in API and developer documentation.


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